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Gonzalo Castro, Professional of fashion editorials and catwalks

Those who have a taste for fashion understand the complexities of this industry. On the one hand we have creatives in charge of designing and running the costumes that will set trends. By the way, this ranges from clothes, to shoes, hair, makeup and accessories of all kinds. At the other end we have those who we want to consume these products. Between them is the one who show us the best way all this creativity. Gonzalo Castro explains that a good fashion photographer is who delivers all this to us. It can be from a runway photograph, a publisher’s editorial on a famous fashion magazine or a simple catalog. The point is that you get to deliver this not only as accurate as possible, but taking full advantage of the possibilities created in fashion.

As a fashion photographer with extensive experience with thousands of catalogs and fashion editorials made both in our country and in Europe, Gonzalo tells us how thorough it is his job. Every detail with illumination, each angle ought to be considered. Of course this is a team work along with the best professionals in the field, so that the final results are always the best. One issue that is taken into account, is everything related to wedding dresses. When a woman starts planning her wedding, usually has studied hundreds of pictures of bride dresses. Maybe a full dress has grabbed her attention, or just one skirt or the neckline of another, but it would be impossible to work for the ones who will make the dress if the bride does not know what she wants. To know this, she should see many dresses before, and the pictures are the best way.

Obviously, the same applies to photography runways. It is physically impossible to see all the shows, but a great fashion photographer captures the idea, the essence that every designer wants to convey, and every detail of each design. This union between creation and then with who will wear this would not be so simple if you do not count on a fashion photographer that achieves transmit all that. Fidelity to the concepts and the beauty of the images are only achieved with extensive experience and a job done with the utmost care and professionalism.

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