Mistress of Photography and Music.



Worlds in which I count with a wide background; Starting off in the music industry as a recording engineer, where I have around 20 years of experience and training, I have built up this wonderful profession colaborating closely along side of great artists, music producers, recording studios and with the mayority of spanish multinational records.

During this period of intense work I have accomplished a long list of projects, earning excelent achievements, among which it is a great personal honor in my career to be able to say that some of these have been awarded with Latino Grammy’s,  and some also nominated in same field. It pays off to many years of intense efforts and dedication honored with one of the greatest achievements that one can reach in this field, knowing this art is so complex and subjective.

I have also performed tasks as a sound engineer live for tours of some of these artists, travelling across Latinamerica, Europe and other countires. For me it was an enriching period, obtaining these attainments based on great dedication and profesional requirement.

During this frenetic and creative phase, I made the decision to project myself on my second profesional side in the field of photography, achieveing to combine the knowledge and abilities of both worlds.

Photography has always had a very special and deep meaning for me because it allows me to express in a different way part of what I perceive; this I must thank my grandfather Eloy, for being the responsible of carrying this predilection and attraction towards the world of photography. He gained considerable success during his career as a prominent photograhy director in the world of celuloide of his time, having accomplished important titles in the industry of spanish cinema and being a source of inspiration to me.

sesión de grabación en estudio
Retrato Eloy Mella director de fotografía de cine
Eloy Mella con familia en rodaje

In this other profession I can say that I have also had considerable results, counting with more than 15 years of activity and the opportunity to make important assignments for fashion publishers, covering the best fashion catwalks in Spain, brand presentations, publicity or making some important front pages of spanish artist’s albums, and of course a large amount of wedding reports.

With all these referneces you can deduce that I am a committed person in any project that I envolve myself in 100%, having invaribly a high compromise and great demand in the goals I set myself.

I am a person easy to deal with and close, with a taste an intimate look, always giving a small publishing hint to my wedding reports, in which I use a natural and elegant style of photography bringing them out in a way that is nothing artificial, managing to make the couple shine in their own light.

My main goal will be to communicate the confidence, serenity and security necessary regarding the work we will do together, focusing myself in the most important thing which is to capture those valuable memories for you with that natural and personality character.

On my file you can see different samples of these works. The biggest personal pleasure while making these reports will be be to reach the satisfaction and appreciation of each couple when I hand them their photographs, the ones that with all guarantee will be full of excelent takes and made with a meticulous post-production rendered with the maximum enthusiasm, keeping in mind that they will become their best memories and main element to reminisce with all freshness the best moments of that day.

I would love to be a part of the celebration of such a special moment in the life of each couple and it would be a pleasure to asist as many couples, who will put their faith in us to help them have such wonderful memories.



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